The Mountain Grown Media team is committed to excellence no matter what project we are working on.  From product videos to independent documentaries and film festivals, we give it our all.

Bevan Waite
Founder - Director

Bevan got the outdoor itch while growing up near Santa Cruz, CA.  He completed a bachelors of Architecture at the University of Oregon and began practicing upon graduation.  Bevan always longed for a life in the mountains.  He bought a 4x4 van, converted it to a camper and moved his life onto the road eventually settling in Lake Tahoe, CA.  He has since applied the concepts of design to film making and spends much of his free time skiing and trail running around Lake Tahoe.

“Just send it!”

Ryan McGinnis
DP & Editor

In 2013, Ryan stumbled into some profoundly gregarious Spaniards who, to this day, are the best story tellers he knows. This is when it all started. From that experience, Ryan went on to earn a degree in journalism at the University of Nevada pursuing a career in production.

"Live, laugh, love... Edit?"

Jeff Brissette
Executive Producer

Stay Local co-founder Jeff Brissette is a diversified creative director and award-winning content producer.  A highly competitive, persuasive, and articulate team leader, Jeff has a creative eye coupled with a passion for storytelling unrivaled in the industry.

"Digital nomad."

Jonny on the Spot

I'm an incredibly hard working intern that has a background in video production.  I help with anything and everything that comes through the Mountain Grown Media office from PAing during important productions to making first passes at edits and managing the event staff at Film Crawl festivals.

"Is it my tern yet!?"

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