The Mountain Grown Media team is committed to excellence no matter what the endeavor.  From product videos to independent films, we give it our all.

Owner - Director

Bevan always longed for a life in the mountains.  He bought a 4x4 van, converted it to a camper, and moved his life onto the road eventually settling in Lake Tahoe, CA.  He has since applied the concepts of architecture and design to filmmaking and spends much of his free time skiing and trail running around Lake Tahoe.

“Just send it!”


Since the start, Aimee's been energized by skiing.  She became a ski model for a variety of brands and has since learned the ins and outs of running film productions.  Aimee organizes and manages our outdoor product content and makes sure we're all staying safe on the job!

"Live, laugh, love... grind?"

Director - Editor

Hazen has been filming skiing with his friends since the beginning of time. As time progressed, he grew into a talented independent filmmaker who has a thirst for adventure and environmental stewardship.


“Footy for the boys!”

Photographer - Editor

Riley found a passion for photography early in his life and has since refined a diverse array of talents. Riley has big aspirations in both photography and film. You’ll often find Riley climbing, surfing, snowboarding, and cliff jumping.


“Bro, that's a bear.”

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